A young Chad Sheppard, having already joined his first band, booked his group’s first show. A year later he booked his first tour, getting his friends bands dates all across the southeast. In those pre-internet days booking shows was all about networking, with guys diving deep into little black books to find and share numbers of agents and venues. It developed skills that have held him in good stead to this day.

As Chad grew older, while still performing all over, he began running the entertainment for a number of venues, booking at such places as The Falcon’s Nest and several other venues. Bringing a D.I.Y. attitude to the craft of booking, and being a performer himself, he was able to build relationships with other artists that he has maintained for years on end.

The Genesis of Live Fast Entertainment Begins With a Thirteen-year-old Boy, Years Ago in South Alabama...
The Pursuit of Something Bigger, and Risking It All... 

After spending time touring internationally with the Independents, Sheppard came to the realization that he was best suited using his years of experience helping other artist reach their full potential. He responded to an ad on Nashville Craigslist for a position as a booking agent, and with the support of his wife Chelsea, they packed up and took the plunge!


Together they sold everything they had. Motorcycle, DJ gear, guitars, furniture, everything had to go as they uprooted and moved to Nashville. Those first months were hard, with Chad sleeping in his office (until getting caught by the janitor), and driving for Uber after 16-hour days at NahPro. 

Ultimately it all paid off, and under the guidance of NahPro’s founder and mentor Chris Hurt, Chad was able to book over $100,000 worth of shows within his first year. During that time he did it all, from running merchandise to driving tour buses, as well as acting as a tour manager for some of the artist roster. So when Hurt was ready to sell the business a year later, Chad was the logical person to sell to!

The Conception of Live Fast Entertainment... 

With Chad at the helm, NahPro signed all manner of new big acts, as well as moving into different realms. Vette City Con in Bowling Green, KY, for example, has become the flagship outing for the company, as well as the Backwoods Riot Concert Series.


However, Chad always had the dream of starting Live Fast Entertainment in the back of his mind. So with the addition of Matt Wells to the team as co-owner, and his wife Chelsea as senior agent, Live Fast Entertainment was born!

The Live Fast logo depicts a masked skull, which was designed years ago by Chad and his late best friend, Allen Dillard. The skull was the logo of their former band, and to them it perfectly represents everything this company is to Chad: music and family. 

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